Featured Artist at Grey Nuns Hospital


This opportunity came to me when I least expected it.  The night before I had went out to supper with my Fiancé’s Mother, her best friend from way back and my son Cove.  It was pretty grey out so we had expected there would be a down pour that evening.  After supper we headed out and sure enough there was the rain; a lot of it.  I had my son in a carrier and we all ran to the car.  I put my i-phone 6 and my takeout on the roof of my car.  At that moment I thought to myself maybe I shouldn’t because what if I forget it there.  The rain was pouring so hard that my only thought was to get Cove out of this carrier and into the car.  A couple hours after arriving home is when I thought about that phone of mine.  CRAP!!!  I raced back to where we had parked and sure enough my phone and my takeout had found a new owner.

The next day I was selling my art at “Art in the Park Allen”  I set up and shortly realized I had no phone so therefore I would not be able to take any square payments.  I was defeated.  I almost talked myself into leaving but my sister Mary-Lou was on her way and had other plans.  She lent me her phone for the entire day.  I can’t say that too many people would have done this but shortly after this is when I met a kind lady who showed interest in my work.  She asked if I’d be interested in featuring my art at the Grey Nuns for a three month term; September-November.  Of course, I said yes.

The Lesson:  I am so grateful for those times when I wanted to quit but kept on going.  The lesson here is that in the worst of times (not saying that losing your phone is the worst thing that could ever happen to you but it’s pretty crappy) its important to stick it out because the moment you’re about to quit is usually the moment right before the miracle happens.

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