Gypsy Art is moving!!!


As some of you already know Gypsy Art has moved to Saskatoon.  It’s taken me a bit of time to adjust due to being newly pregnant when we moved.  I am back and feeling better than ever although I am moving a lot slower now.  The new baby Burgess is due May 7th so this year we have are final three workshops in Edmonton beginning March 18-20th.  The first two workshops filled quickly which is why we have decided to add a third.  My last class will be at ‘Treasured Memories’ which is an amazing store if you have not been there yet.  Their attention to detail and props for their products will make you never want to leave.  The class I’ll be teaching is called ‘Spring Gypsy’  For more info regarding this class and or for this special little piece of heaven called ‘Treasured Memories’ visit their website at:

Thank you again fellow gypsies for your continued support.  Follow me on FB for daily doses of gypsy art at:

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