Nothing happens overnight

Little BlessingsAt the moment my life is pretty darn busy with these two (see pic). I’m getting accustomed to two little souls that steal my heart everyday. I do miss having free time to getting messy with paint, teaching and sharing with you all that follow me and my art. All my time now is spent breastfeeding, doing massive amounts of laundry, taking Cove on play dates and so on. Well this weekend I did however, get a chance to do something for myself.

I relocated my art space with the help of my fiancé Corey. Yay!!! We did this because we needed more room so that I can finally get into doing online art courses. This is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile now and some of you have reminded me. It’s been a slower process than I’ve wanted but none the less it’s happening. These small steps matter. It means I’m trying.

Before owning and operating my small personal training business I made a list of everything I wanted/needed to accomplish. It was a scary long list but I would tell myself in the morning do one thing today that will move my business forward. I managed to complete the list which felt amazing. Eventually, I found that it wasn’t the thing that made me happy. It was a hard decision to let go because I worked so hard to get it going. When I finally did it led me to what truly made me happy. Turns out it was this thing called; ‘Mixed Media Art!’ So here I am, beginning yet another list and hoping that one day I will complete it; blogging being one of them.

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been consistent with my blogging and you’re right I haven’t been. I haven’t made it a serious priority because my art journey started off as a hobby. I hadn’t thought about it as something I could do full time until this past year at ‘The Make It Edmonton Holiday Show’. I met so many wonderful kind people who were interested in what I was actually creating. Little me. My stuff actually mattered to some people. And, isn’t that enough to want to do anything?

You’ve heard it before from others when they say if what I do has helped one person than that would be enough. Three years ago when this website was created blogging wasn’t a priority but I’d like to start making it a priority and see where it takes me. I don’t want to put rules to it though because I don’t want the pressure. I want it to happen organically. I’m also not much of a planner so following any sort of agenda is a challenge for me but I’d like to try. Back when I was a personal trainer I used to give my clients a ‘fit challenge’. This will be like that but with art. This will be my first official ‘art challenge’. I wonder how I’ll do?

“A strong woman looks a challenge dead in the eye and gives it a wink” -gina carey

2 thoughts on “Nothing happens overnight”

    1. Oh Carol Burns I’m failing at it joyfully lol Didnt realize how different both my babies would be. Little baby Saylor is quite needy so most of my attention goes to her if not Cove. One day I’ll have more time to blog but for now it is a dream that I will be more consistent one day☺️I wish you all the best with the challenge. Go Burns Go!!!

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