The Accidental Artist

Have you ever felt a little lost in your life?  My guess is that you have.  That’s how I felt after my boyfriend and I got back from a three month vacation to Asia.  I landed right where I left off and began my routine like I had never left.  This routine consisted mostly of work minus any personal training classes I taught prior to our trip.  My shifts would start at four or five and go to as late as 2am; six nights a week.  This made it very hard to get up and fill my day with a list of things to do because I didn’t want to tire myself out before my crazy busy night shift.  It was after letting go of my Personal Training Business that I felt that I had really lost my purpose.  I needed something to pull me out of my misery.  That time came in early December.  I had begun a new 9-5 job that left me with a new sense of balance and a renewed energy to find myself again.  I now had my evenings and weekends off but what would I do with my new found time.  I had remembered a period in my life where art was a big deal for me.  Why not now?  I decided to take an art class; a Mixed-Media art class.

I was immediately attracted to the picture that ‘The Paint Spot’ had attached to the class that they were offering.  I couldn’t wait to sign up so I called immediately.  Unfortunately, for me the class was full.  I panicked.  I thought that this was it.  My boyfriend told me to call back and put my name on the wait list.  I called back and they said that their wait list was full too.  That was not the answer I was looking for.  With a last ditch effort to gain control of the situation, I told them that I was five minutes away from their shop and if there were any last minute cancelations that I was their girl.  It was a long shot, I thought, but on that day at 9:39am I got the call.  I didn’t hear my phone ring but I did hear my phone vibrate.  I ended up missing the call but they had left me a message.  By the time the message ended I was out the door, skipping breakfast and feeling like I was about to discover the missing piece.

My teacher was Suzanne Cleaver.  The class ran from 10-4pm which came and went without the need to eat breakfast or lunch.  There have been times in my life where I didn’t know if I was headed in the right direction.  What I did know on that day is something changed.  I didn’t know at the time if I’d do anything but a few pictures but fast forward to five months later the role of serendipity somehow showed up. Suzanne was leaving to teach in South Korea for the next three years so she would no longer be teaching at ‘The Paint Spot.’  She sent me a message encouraging me to take over her class.  She went a step further saying she had already spoke to the owner and she would be expecting my call.  I told her how can I possibly teach without an Art Degree?  She said most times having one keeps you following the rules and you lose the ability to be spontaneous.  She said she saw where I started, what I had done so far, and had no doubt in my ability to filling her shoes.  She also said she’d like to take one my classes and that she will do anything to help me out.  Coming this fall I’ll be teaching at ‘The Paint Spot” as the new Mixed-Media teacher/artist.  Thank you Suzanne for all your encouragement and for your belief in me even without “The Paper”


“Beautiful art stories should happen EVERYDAY”

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      I hope this helps. If you are interested in a specific piece or print please send me an email with the title of the print or original. Thank you

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