Why Not join me?

ART Friends WHY NOT?

Carol here from Gypsy Art. WOW!!! It’s been a long time. I’ve been busy with my baby boy and watching him grow so quickly. His first birthday is next month. My mat leave is over at the end of this month and I have decided to stay home and teach art.  This post is an update and to keep you in the loop of what’s going down this coming Spring and Summer. It’s time to fill you in…

Why not get your hands dirty and play in some art!!! I have a few classes coming up. Please follow the links below to learn more. This year I will be teaching out of ‘Treasured Memories’ and at ‘The Paint Spot’ I am also hoping to do lots of out of town and community classes. Another great option is you may also book 5 of your best female friends and have a ‘Women, Wine and Art Night’ in my personal art space. Lots of amazing supplies for you to get your hands on and of course I will show you the how and what’s of it all. YOU do not need any previous experience. Just keep an open mind. Send me an email at carolcollin@me.com if you have any questions.

Last, I’d love it if you took a little side trip to my Facebook page, website and or my Pintrest board to see what I’ve been up too (if you haven’t already).   If it’s not your thing maybe it’s your best girlfriend, maybe a sister or maybe an Aunt you haven’t seen in awhile that might like this…please share. This style of art is my passion and I will make sure you leave with something you love:)

Where I teach:

http://treasuredmemories.typepad.com/classes/ http://paintspot.ca/products-page/workshops/mixed-media-collage-i-matter/

Where you can find me on-line:




Where you can find me in public:

http://www.momtomomshow.com (I’ll have a booth here. Come find me) #M2MShow

https://artgalleryfor.us/community-events/art-in-the-parkallen-2015/ (This one is first come first serve. I’ll be along the block so please come find me)

http://art-walk.ca (I’ll be located in the MKT green space located next to Hudson’s Whyte Avenue.)

This Gypsy is looking to get into more festivals and shows this year. I’ll be posting these on my FB page and website. Art friends thank you for all your support in advance.

Art...why not?

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